Trials 2 Second Edition


Meet the challenge and complete these tracks


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Trials 2 Second Edition is a game where we ride our trial motorbike and have to ride it trying to reach the goal as fast as possible. In our way to the goal we'll have to overcome different obstacles.

You'll enjoy in four different kinds of tracks: racing, flip, wheelie and dynamic physics tracks. All of them making a total of more than 60 different tracks.

In the racing tracks you have to reach the goal as fast as possible; In flip tracks you'll have to make flips to win more points; In Dynamic mode, the tracks include dynamic obstacles and in Wheelie mode you'll have to pop a wheelie for the longest time you can.

Trials 2 connects to the Internet and send our best results to the online ranking. Compete with your friends and with the rest of the community.Furthermore we'll be able to view the replay of the best players and learn a bit.

The game includes a realistic physics system, so you have to be careful or you'll crash the motorbike and the rider.

Trials 2 Second Edition is probably the best 2D motocross game. Graphics are eye-catching and its playability is spectacular.
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